Bolstered by some of indie rocks finest, the forthcoming KARIO EP features Jon Natchez (The War on Drugs), Garret Ray (Vampire Weekend), Elijah Thomson (Father John Misty), Mitchel Yoshida and Stewart Cole (Edward Sharp and The Magnetic Zeros), Lewis Pesacov (Fools Gold), and Rachel Goodrich. 

The intro hits of lead single "A Piece of Me" pick up with such confidence, one would assume the band has been collaborating for some time. And while most involved are members of prominent indie bands, pedalling the emotional hills and psychological valleys together suggests a deep musical brotherhood has formed. Elements of indie rock, new wave, and folk, cross psychedelic lines to create a sound all to itself - the collective uniting around KARIO’s personal reflections of heartbreak and triumph:

"The idea of the song came in a singular moment as I watched the love of my life cross the room, oblivious to my attention”, accounts KARIO. “And as my heart filled with love, I thought "What if we hadn't fought so hard for this relationship? What if we hadn't got lucky enough to survive all the stuff we put each other through? What if we ended up with other people? And the answer was clear: She would always occupy a deep place in my heart, and I in hers, no matter what. I would always have a piece of her and she of me."

Masterfully presented by producer Matt Linesch and this team, "A Piece of Me" is a song undeniable in its sentimental layers. Through its atypical structure, we gradually fall spell to the darkening introspection, progressively unraveling in an epic outpouring of emotion. “A Piece of Me” was unveiled in advance of the official release on Jose Galvan’s KCRW radio show with Galvan proclaiming, “That is a track my friends!” While the ambitious production takes listeners on an adventurous ride, the message and aesthetic play equally weighted parts in what clearly celebrates creative life's arduous path [...]

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